IOTA Long (200% target)

3717 18 37
Chart speaks for itself.

We stop-loss at 3.70usd
評論: And we're mooning again :)
Great news! My private trading community is opened for free for a limited amount of time. Only requirement to stay in the group is be active! Invite link to the discord community:
hi, stiil active?
Hello. Any updates on this?
@DanMuresan, Watch the bitcoin closely. It's a risky to hold iota when btc drop.
how about IOTA/BTC?.. will it go the same way?
Hey guys check this out. We are likely to test the forming fractal before heading up for real. look at a previous move to the left hand side.

+5 回覆 maybe this helps.

Stop loss at 3.7 seems dangerous: today I bought at 3.75 and minimum was 3.708 or something like that.
+1 回覆
And crashing again!
we were above 4.24 but what exactly happend right now?we are going down sharply,can somone explain?I am a bit confuse.
asho salehiialii
@salehiialii, and this is the weirdest thing about iota,
What about IOTA/BTC ? @CryptoPredictions
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