ITHUF - Marijuana Investment Firm - 120% Returns.

On 1/4/18 Jeff Sessions tells federal judges they have the authority of the federal government to prosecute marijuana growers and researchers thus revoking Obama's peace clause. All marijuana related companies were slashed in half that Friday so I browsed the scene after the close to see if any charts looked promising. Lone and behold I found this stock hiding in the rubble. It looked most promising because it had made a higher high before Washington intervened. I placed entry orders below where the market had closed, expecting price to retest the lows before recovering of which the market let me in perfectly.

Purchase 5 shares at 2.188 on 1/5/18 on the market open Monday at 9:30 am.
Sold 5 shares today 1/22/18 at 4.858 at 9:49am

To stay diversified I also purchased a couple other stocks that had equal potential. But this one performed the best.

PRMCF @7.5 5 shares.
TWMJF@22 2 shares.
THCBF@ 1.8 5 shares.

I dont typically post things in hindsight but these trades turned out way better than expected. I do have the statements to prove I took entry which will be posted in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: TD Ameritrade data shown. This is NOT investment advice.
評論: Entry and Exit proof. 5 Shares.
評論: Sorry wrong screenshot. The first screenshot link is incorrect.
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