BINANCE:KNCBTC   KyberNetwork / Bitcoin
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Bought some kyber on the breakout. Seems like it wants to follow zrxbtc .

I see ZRXBTC KNCBTC and ASTBTC as one group to watch in 2018.
評論: this escalated quickly
評論: breakout retest
交易結束:目標達成: sold half of double up, keeping the free kyber for long term.
KNC will rise steady just like ZRX and touch 70000sats .. 3x from here.. do not sell. Broke the resistence just like ZRX .. It is time to enjoy the KNC ride. Put sell order at 69000 and go to sleep
Do you have any target ?
koryu JossLr
@JossLr, I barely have targets for crypto anymore, just looking for good entry, buy and hold, let winners run, sell/reduce position into strength.
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@koryu, Hi can I ask what you meant here about "selling/reducing position into strength"? Are you effectively saying "sell high"? Or something more specific like selling when price is strong (i.e. parabola heights / elliott motive waves) things of that nature? I just wandered if there was a sell strategy here that I didn't know about that would help me determine how to exit on a buy and hold position? Thanks, much appreciated.
RafeGibbons RafeGibbons
@RafeGibbons, Actually scrap that, just found the term online. For anyone else interested look up "selling into strength" :)
koryu RafeGibbons
@RafeGibbons, My view is that you can usually find targets using trendlines, waves or fibs. But if something goes parabolic, every target and resistance should be broken until the top is in. So I dont really believe in targets in crypto at this phase because of the parabolic trend. I rather scale out over time. There are days where people throw in ridiculous high targets and price move incredible high, these are the days where i think about reducing my position into this strength and euphoria (not selling all just partial) and maybe buy back later when the market calms down or use the profit for another trade. Sometimes I end up selling to early but overall this works for me. If I still have a position and the top was clearly in, I try to be patient and wait for the B wave to sell.
@koryu, great, thanks for your thoughts on this! very helpful
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