More to come from $LGD?

BITTREX:LGDBTC   Legends / Bitcoin
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You can always count on the Legends Room to make a strong move from time to time. Usually if they have a big party or promotion coming up.
Earlier this year, the price jumped above 300% (against BTC ) with the lead up to the Floyd Maywether fight. This month it popped another 300% leading up to their NYE celebration.

The Superbowl will take place on Feb 4th. Pulled from the LGD Twitter account:

"Yes we will have a huge Super Bowl party announcement. @TheSharkDaymond is in the house in 2 weeks. @avnawards in #Vegas soon. New $LGD locations in 2018. The fun is just beginning tonight."

I think there will be a little pull back still, price may consolidate (in USD terms) between $1.50 and $2.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: I want to see price break into the daily cloud convincingly. If this comes at the same time as announcements, like those hinted above, would be happy to throw in and hold to around .00050800 sats for a 2x( ish ) gain in BTC value.
評論: Still tapering off after the bit NYE party pump. Will keep an eye out for Super Bowl party news.
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