I am certain about #LINK

BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
#LINK will be the next top gainer of Binance. Stoch is very low and we are almost done consolidating. This is a very safe trade so I recommend filling a nice bag.
評論: Still bullish on this one, buy more and wait.
評論: Stop loss hit :/ it happens. its a bear market after all.
評論: Back at entry price, sell now.
Be careful about using titles like this and then not having the prediction pan out. It'll dent your credibility as an analyst pretty quickly. Timing on calls is pretty important, and right now most of your calls are off.
o0100011010 donyewuc
@donyewuc, please unfollow me then, i share my ideas but they are not to be taken as financial advice. DYOR and do not blindly follow my calls. I have had some very accurate calls and only a few losers.
donyewuc o0100011010
@o0100011010, It's a difficult market and you're just trying to help. I get that. All I'm saying is consider your titles more carefully.
Yeah, this is going down. Getting awfully close to my stop loss.
I got this at 7322 over Neblio per your recommendation. I hope I made the right call.
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