Lisk Could Be Ready To Explore The Moon

POLONIEX:LSKUSD   Lisk / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
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Lisk has been breaking above all resistance levels showing that there is huge upside potential in the coming days. LSK/USD rejected the 200 Moving Average on the daily chart and has managed to break above the $10 strong resistance which is also a psychological round number.

It seems that Lisk is ready to launch and could be exploring the moon, while the upside targets are quite high. The nearest target is around $25, while a much stronger resistance is at $30, which is also a psychological round number and does correspond with two Fibonacci retracement levels applied to different corrective waves.

First, it is 527.2% Fibs at $29.2 and second is 827.2% Fibs, which is right at the same level - $29.2. This does make this price a strong resistance and could be the upside target. However, if broken the highest target for this wave could be as high as $40, which is near $727.2% Fibs.
評論: If $9 support is broken could correct down
評論: this shows that lisk could be gong down ...
評論: so the downside risk is there, but the upside potential remains
評論: Break above 11.5 is needed
評論: So far looks good, most likely will continue moving up
評論: slowly, slowly but Liks is getting ready
評論: Lisk is my top choice now
評論: left just small portion of lisk, and switched my top choice to civic
交易結束:目標達成: Although target is reached it could go higher, up to you whether to hold or not
評論: uptrend continues
交易結束:目標達成: Final target reached
評論: Lisk has landed on the Moon, will it go to Mars? Here is my view
How do you read the future like that ? lol with stop-loss the majority of your calls are pretty on spot
HiTech LionelSen
@LionelSen, its a strategy
Do you think selling now and buying backup at 11.5 is possible? Or just gold??
HiTech JoaoDomingues00
@JoaoDomingues00, I'd go with "hold"
+1 回覆
Late February is when this coin will really launch. Got to get bags now.
HiTech JonnieGopher
@JonnieGopher, late Feb is when the correction down should start
@HiTech, I'm confused. February 20 is their huge relaunch party with "Apple" level presentations, according to the Lisk team. At any rate, I love this coin and will add more on dips. Thanks for your TA's, per usual!
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