LTCUSD History Repeats!?

LTC ready to repeat the pattern of $100 to $400 of past months to what has it has consolidated till date.
Possibly, ~$300 to ~$1000+

With increase in media attention of Crypto the time line is squeezed between bull run to bull run.
LTC has been quite for some time now. Where as other smaller valued crypto despite of large supply had growths multiplying their values to several tens of times if not about a hundred odd times for some crypto.
LTC 's growth has been largely hindered by these factors with traders jumping on to make huge profits with such coins.

LTC will regain it's TOP 5 spot shortly.
LTC is in very similar position as XRP before it's run up. Neglected by most of the traders blinded by other Crypto run ups. XRP was also at 7/8 spot when it started it run up to end at 2nd spot.
@SatoshiLite has tweeted about reduction of transaction fees by several orders of magnitude which is a great news and LTC tested $300 mark following the same.
In coming days the reduction of Transaction fees along with Lightning Network 'll make BCH redundant.

Considering all that's planned I am highly optimistic that LTC is ready for a massive bull run increasing it's value by 3-4 times .
If everything goes according to plan LTC will set a firm foot at 3rd/4th spot by market cap for a very long time.

Thank you.
Happy Trading.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and not to be considered as financial advise.

Btc parabola will blow off in the beginning of March ( approximately 70k) . Can you predict ltc parabola and ltc price when btc is 70k ?
@asefe, I am afraid I do not understand what you are asking for wrt parabola. Please point me to the right direction so that I can help you more.
I'll be be busy till Saturday 6:00PM IST.
Will get back to you with the prices for LTC when BTC hits 70K with what I know.

Thank you. I am excited to be learning that from you.
asefe Sandeshgangadhar
@Sandeshgangadhar, Btc increasing up to a parabolic curve , I suppose Ltc will do the same during next two months. Also I think this current parabolic trend will end with a big crash in the beginning of March. Can you chart ltc's parabolic trend and predict ltcusd value when btcusd 70000 ? You might think that I am crazy but it is not less than $3500.
I think wave of LTCUSD.
Great idea. Thanks. @Sandeshgangadhar
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