LTCUSD (D): The steps to Fibo 1.62 = 580 USD

According to TA, LTC could develop independently of BTC and go further up. I've waited a long time with this post. The current price developments are still very volatile. Nevertheless, my analyses show that we could see a reversal of the trend. I would therefore like to be one of the first to point out this change in trend. I am long with LTC.

Unlike BTC , LTC has not yet broken down thru the MA200. This is generally a good sign. BTC is currently moving below the MA200. LTC is above.

Here are some facts about LTC: Litecoin is already compatible with Lighting! And therefore it could replace BCH. The development at BCH can still be rated as rather negative. Lightning could be a Game Changer 2018. With this technology in the background, LTC is one of a kind. The distance to the next main competitor DASH will be significantly reduced. Compares the price development of LTC with other coins. You'll find that LTC has lost less. Accordingly, LTC could recover much faster and could rise sharply. The time frame is open. No one can say when we will see the 550 or 900 USD, but it could be fast. Current, we should have reached an important supportline (Percentage Scale a n d Log Scale!). And the supportline was still strong.

Fibo Targets:
0.5 = 200 USD
0.62 = 240 USD
0.78 = 300 USD
1 = 370 USD
1.62 = 580 USD
2.62 = 900 USD

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: LTCUSD (4h): situation chart ...

評論: LTCUSD (D): situation chart ... if we don't see a trend reversal soon, it will take time until recovering.

評論: LTCUSD (8h): maybe we have seen the bottom...

評論: LTCUSD (D): situation chart ...

評論: LTCUSD (D): update. situation chart ...

評論: LTCUSD (D): update. situation chart ... holding zone and bottoning. the up-trend is only a question of time. it won't be long now.

評論: LTCUSD (D): situation chart ... And UP.

評論: LTCUSD (D): situation chart ... on track.

評論: LTCUSD (D): situation chart ... new trend channel is becoming crystallized.

評論: LTCUSD (D): situation chart ... positive development. ltc is within the trendchannel and above the support trend line. more up could be expected.

評論: LTCUSD (D): Litecoin stopped at MA100. Currently fight around the MA200 line. Let's see if LTC can hold on above the MA200 (150 USD).

評論: LTCUSD (D): nothing new. We're just waiting for the breakout out of the second triangle.

評論: LTCUSD (D): chart update: main resistance broke / close above = positive sign

評論: LTCUSD (D): chart update: lets see if this trend channel works.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Situation chart. Near next support area.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Situation chart. Up date ... LTC near the important breakout zone.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Situation chart. Looks good...

評論: LTCBTC (D): Situation chart. Chart update.

評論: LTCUSD (D): Update. Next resistance at around 105.



German Bitcoin Consultant · Trading · Research · Investing

Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocoins since 2014.
Trading experience for over thirty years.

Thank you for the updates :)
@i8myapl, with pleasure. thx. :-)
What do you think about


@vicvega, thx for your question. the nexts days i will update all me charts. also btc. according to my ta we saw the bottom.
I think this is the end of this market. We won't see the type of bull runs we did in the past except if there are fundamental world shattering news. I just thought the hype would last a few years and not just a few months. I'm in this to the end, will go down like a captain. But when people discovered shorting in an unregulated market and the type of stuff they can do, it was always going to drive down prices. Perhaps I am just negative - but this is my personal view.
@leondb, i have already traded with the dotcom bubble. this is a normal development. at the moment we are seeing a phase of technology development. the chaff is separating from wheat. now applications have to be programmed that work and are accepted by the market. this applications are currently being developed. when the first killerapp starts, the run starts all over again. i am deeply involved in the technology industry and i know that all big players are working on blockchain solutions. btc and ltc are base currencies, so to speak the oil. we will see. by the end of the year ltc is between 500 and 1000 usd.
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majorlee btcinvests
@btcinvests, exactly it took 10 years before youtube was on the scene, we are still waiting Bitcoins/blockchain king players to arrive, form or announce!
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majorlee leondb
@leondb, 2020 and bitcoin halving rewards, watch BTC go mental price then, the bubble will certainly increase again, many times over and be bigger than before as more people want security from major banks and govt
leondb majorlee
@majorlee, I hope so. Won't the halving discourage minors though?
majorlee leondb
@leondb, a lot will happen before then, all halvings have been super bullish so far
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