Single Humpback Dino holding Lemon and Crying Blood

Not a healthy formation, we can only hope the MACD continues to form a wedge against the volume pattern. Yellow on the chart (lemon) indicates there will be a 3rd point of entry (or exit) and support/resistance in the coming days. I'd like to see an 80's style Pirates baseball cap form on the dinos head so we can confirm resistance (and stop him from crying blood). We either go up, down or sideways from here.
評論: 100% correct once again. Click the arrow on the chart and you'll see I showed the exact time it would go up, then flatten out.
Perfect analysis! Made me laugh when I feel sad....
Solid analysis, its a rare pattern the single humpback dino but I would have drawn it with a slight curve in the tail just to signify the giant dump he just took. Keep up the great work
@ESSCRS, I only draw what the chart tells me, anything more would be pure speculation.
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