LTC/USD Congratulations followers! Nice Profit! We had 1st call!

Fantastic work everyone, we have turned a nice profit of over 40% and still earning now. As you had seen we posted the below analysis before the break out when it was trading at $153, the important thing here was to wait until it had reached $165 to confirm the breakout.

I have received a high volume of messages asking why we didn't advise people to buy at the time of the post. The reason for this is our charts are based off Technical Analysis not taking a stab in the dark. Our analysis showed that to confirm the breakout we had to cross the top of the bar the day before at $165 at this point the breakout was confirmed and solid as results have been shown

Never worry about the first 6%, 7% or 8% you miss at the start of a bull run its better missed because if we didn't see the breakout you could of been down in funds. The focus is to be happy with what you have earned and realise the first few percent was for the security and protection of your own capital.

I am in the business of making money and I want you to be in the same business with me, you can follow our page or check our charts and see we will not open an entry unless the charts tell us to. Trading on emotion will lose money, trading without patience will lose money.

Trading with sense will make dollars and thats what we are here for, well I hope so anyway!

Thanks again and there are many more charts to come so rest assured if you missed this one join us and we hope for a very fruitful 2018!

Please note: With BTC Rallying we suggest taking a second piece of the profit at current levels, its been a nice run lets bank lots of profits.

Original trade post below for those of you that haven't followed.

LTC appears to have a put in a bottom bouncing twice off the 200EMA (Green Line) and 78.6 Fib Retracement (Overlaid).
It has then broken the 150.31 Horizontal level and came back to retest. This has Formed another ABC pattern (Advance through the level, Come Back to the level, and Continue in the original direction.

We are looking for an entry above yesterdays green bar around 165.00 CRUCIALLY this level will also signify the break of the bearish Channel (overlaid in light blue). This set up is tempting on a shorter timeframe but new traders should ignore it due to the possibility of entering in the channel and being bounced out from the channel top.

Entry is 165.00, with SL if aggressive at 147.00 and if Conservative 140.00, Targets are 197.00, 239 and 269 (The Blue Lines)
交易進行: Is slowly approaching our second Take Profit level. If you havent banked a second lot of profits then please make sure you keep an eye on the cart and get them as son as the level is hit.
評論: Continues to slowly approaching our second Take Profit level. If you haven't banked a second lot of profits then please make sure you keep an eye on the chart and get them as soon as the level is hit.
評論: You should have banked a second lots pf profits and moved your stop loss up. To ensure profits on all of this trade.
We have updated analysis available on LTCUSD
Followers I appreciate all of your support.

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I was worried about LTC bouncing off of 209.00. I'll see if there is a break out at 237.00. Hopefully it will not get close and go back down.
Thank you for this and the original post, it is very much appreciated, I'll be keeping an eye on your ideas for sure. Thanks again!
@Alacrity, Thank you for your support its appreciated
Thank you and thanks for taking the time to share.
@showmehost, thanks for taking the time to comment i love feedback
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Great idea & a nice little profit...thank you!
DollarsAndSense mrcarneasada
@mrcarneasada, Thank you hope you enjoyed many more to come
great idea..thanks a lot...
@SebVojvoda, Thanks for your support :)
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