Litecoin longtrade target 200 usd and 250 usd.

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With the bitcoin showing to be strong. I think we have a bullish market this week and especially for litecoin, so I opened a long trade at 144 usd in the night. I'm sorry I couldn't get u guys up to date because it was like 1pm here.

There is a big change it will move in the channel I drawed and possibly it could make a nice elliot wave . First target is 200. I update this post with new targets when we hitted the first 1.
評論: Stop-loss should be placed just below the trend canal, when we move higher in our trend, we can move our stop-loss also higher. This way we minimize our risk.
評論: Becareful! Head shoulder on the btc chart! If bitcoin drop litecoin will also. I stopped the trade wait for a move up of the bitcoin and open a new long trade.
評論: With the head- and shoulder on the bitcoin I think we will see a little dip. And move to the bottom of the channel.

There are multiple ways you can view at litecoin atm. But the main idea is buy at the bottom side of the channel and sell on the top of the channel!

評論: Litecoin just broke out again! We can look for targets at the top of the channel!
評論: We hitted the top of the channel. We sold our position!
評論: Congratulations everybody! Big win! :)

Nick asked for my wallet adres, here it is:
BTC: 13nRUU3mkGe8GsH9sCwNg7VsfveKqfYQsT
LTC: LYs5WriU6KsELYzZ1oRKcvF5WX3bPt227x
ETH: 0x94a30efbb487c1fa5495228b5d9727bdc302b2ac
評論: Litecoin going crazy, for me it's way to risky to enter the market now.
評論: I think the bullrun of litecoin is over. I think most of the volume will go to bitcoincash, because it just broke out his resistance.

haha i just did that, sold ltc and bought bch
LOOKING TO CROSS $300 YEAH..........
Haha I made the same call and traded out of all my btc and alts and into LTC @ $140 Best move ever!!
@CryptoPredictions Im trying to understand why there was breakout on 200 so I can improve my strategy next time. Was it because of the "W" pattern or do you think there is different reason?
lathspell lathspell
one more question, maybe somebody else can answer. Can I actually see "W" pattern on the top of the chart or does it have to be just "double bottom" situation?
1.618 fast approaching - do you think short at that point? I'm looking for a shorting entry point.
LTC amazing, Im holding till 290ish.
Ahh I sold early half my LTC funds at 200 and half at 220 to be safe. Now it’s just flying!
Wow, it went ballistic, a lot of volume comes from US based exchanges.
Got out at $200. What will be the next best entry level for long?
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