Litecoin moving...down?

Litecoin shows a main downward trend, however it begins to approach important areas of interest. Between $205 and $195 is the limit of the current structure and in the $144 a strong historical support of early December.

There is nothing more than be aware of how it evolves however, due to the interest generated by LTC, we could expect a happy future.
評論: A window to what is currently happening....

Litecoin seems to be struggling to get out of the trend marked with dotted lines so it is very important to be aware of our "tight protection".

If it cross the supports down I will give some time to breathe and define he's next move.
If we see the angles, this is a very congested area, supports and resistances converge here so I will be patient and give some time.

Best wishes!!!

評論: I can see $205 on the horizon...
評論: I like to be positive with Ltc .. but we need a lot of power to get out of this box.

評論: Ups I thought I had done the update of Ltc.
According to my analysis this is the strong support.

Is it possible to cross it?
Sure! However, usually that does not happen without a small setback. Without a doubt i have to be aware but what I can tell you is that I already started to "pyramid" small positions.

I like the level and I like Ltc.

Algo me dice que va a irse a esos tan preciados $400, eso espero, compré un poco por si acaso.
normstock KevinLeyes
@KevinLeyes, Eso espero Kevin, con toda la atención que esta teniendo es difícil creer que pueda perder el nivel. Aveces me parece que el mundo del "cripto" es mas bien un concurso de popularidad jajajaja... mucho éxito y feliz año.
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