Mana ready to TAKE OFF!

BINANCE:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
Now is the time to buy. Mana has nowhere else to go!

Remember also, that this project - Decentraland MANA Just finished auctioning virtual land for more than $200 000 000 worth of MANA, which they said they will burn.
Apparently Alpha version of explorable Decentraland VR is coming soon! Are you ready for virtual reality on Blockchain? Its own Vegas city, gambling district, Blade runner town, Redlight disctict, Chinatown, university and festival land and many more>? This thing is Big!
評論: Looking at 6hour chart i can notice that Mana DIDN't complete the correction yet, so my call for growth was too early.
It may still drop to 1180 before starting to rise again
As we can see my call for a triangle and breakout was a fail. the price proceeds in more smooth gradual buildup..I will be trading tonight so have some short term targets,, on the ups and downs.. But hey guys , im still a newbie :D started 6weeks ago. :D already managed to double what i started with thou. but if i didnt fxck up could have had 3times more now.. that is the cost of the lessons ! Im still in pretty cheap.. in this market is hard to lose!

when time to compleate targer ????
furius Hossein114
@Hossein114, So my next short time target is around 1444 sell, then buy again around 1367
Can you please provide update?
furius issag
@issag, some kind of update just posted :D also check reply to Hossein114
thanks for your engagement, and take care, Im still pretty new to this and learning!
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