MODBTC 30% + 60% + 110% +

MODBTC 30% + 60% + 110% +
交易進行: Good day to all!
Markets these days are very unique and carry in themselves truly limitless possibilities, literally only having published the idea we took the first goal in good momentum, we were able to make another purchase on a rollback and now we were approaching this goal again.
And this is not an isolated case, we recently observed such an impulse on TNT, where the impulse was 120%:

2 weeks ago I gave a recommendation on GRS:

But she went to the second scenario, I sold it and she grew up 300% more expensive from my price in just 2 weeks ... Fantasy !!! And a big disappointment.

 There are many more such cases. In some trades we participate, some we observe from the side. Feeling that we missed something or earned less than we could completely destroy the joy of victories, which we also have done quite a lot. Our deposit is growing, many banks can envy the interest that we have.
Appreciate your work! Appreciate the opportunities that the market gives! Appreciate the opportunities that fate gives!

Always stick to your plan. Be patient and it will pay off.
Fix profits. Only by fixing you receive a real income.
Price can not always move up. If someone buys, then someone is selling. This is the very essence of the market. If the price increases, then soon it will fall. If the price falls, then soon there may be an opportunity to buy cheaper and sell more expensive.
But always remember the stop loss. After all, the market is cunning and unpredictable. Along with the opportunities that he gives, he conceals a lot of dangers. In a matter of hours, he can turn our profits into dust, and maybe not stop at this and turn into nothing and all our capital if we are reckless. Take care of your capital, count the risks! Use stop loss!

Good luck and good trading!
評論: PS
We may have another correction before going up.
交易進行: As I said, the price went into correction and allowed us to buy up to 2600 satosh. And we again earned 30%.
Particularly pleased that, in general, the price forms a new local uptrend and this gives us hope for continued growth.

All good luck and good trade.
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