MOMO! 200%+ gain by May 2018

Buy dirt cheap loto calls guys! and the time is now :)
評論: Keep an eye on the chart! https://www.finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=momo... fundamentals are too strong!
評論: I expect the short term price movement to be like this.
評論: This is going to my trade of my lifetime! KNOW THE RISKS! Play long-term leap, with 2-week hedge puts to minimize your risk. or buy after the golden cross. There are multiple ways to manage your risk! chose one!
評論: I am 80% bull in this trade!
評論: hope you guys are enjoying, i missed my entry and I didn't FOMO! I should have ;(
評論: Is it ever going to dip now ;( makes me wanna cry I missed the train :(. MU then this, my lucks is so bad! Should have followed Gann's rule of trading. Anyways SQ, NVDA, KEM next
評論: Looks like its in the wave three. This is just the start!
交易進行: 46 tomorrow :P
@Avasreader Do you still believe this will be $70?
Avasreader worldsapart89
worldsapart89 Avasreader
@Avasreader, Awesome. I just got in! Have you noticed this seems to trade in sync with BZUN? Maybe we'll see $50 soon. :)
nice take off
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