Only A Matter of When!

BINANCE:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
MTL will it break out? Of course it will, here is a coin with some power behind it.

This coin has been trading sideways for quite sometime but as you will see on the daily chart below it has never been into oversold regions which is just a sign of this coin consolidating.

The longer these coins consolidate the higher they fly, this coin has enough momentum to break out any day and show us some great figures. I have kept targets quite conservative.

You will notice on the chart just 2 weeks ago this coin was been bought up and buyers have remained to beat the sellers, RSI running up in the 60’s over the past 4 days yet we haven’t had any real price action, these are bullish signals we want.

I buy these coins aggressively rather then waiting as with this momentum the coin isn’t about to plummet, we may continue to trend sideways for a while but very soon we will see a nice breakout.

Conservative entry wouldn't buy until we have closed over target 1 as you will see there are aggressive sells at this price but once we beat the sellers it will be a quick trip up. As mentioned I have bought already as I like the chart.

You can set your stop loss below or on the black line, targets green lines, don't expect this to happen instantly but do expect it to break.

Cash Is King!
評論: MTL is looking very strong, we have great momentum very strong buys coming in.

We have a resistance at target 1, you will see there has been sell off's here in the past when we break this barrier we would have a very quick trip up.

Volume is increasing on this coin fast which is a great signal.

We will wait and be patient, but each retrace has been bought up very aggressive.
評論: Target 1 has been reached and volume is rising fast, whilst volume is supporting us we will advance to next targets.
評論: This trade was up 8% and now is flat what do we do?

Put this trade on hold while BTC breaks next support.

We can buy lower into this trade on the dip but currently there has been a sell off of over 120BTC out of MTL already and we should see a good drop in price.

I will update entry then
交易結束:目標達成: Targets on this trade have been reached, it needs to consolidate more before the next move.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Still has more to offer

IS still rising... where do you guys think it should can go before retrace??
Holy shit dude nice one
amazzing call.. bought at 5k levels sold at 7 k levels . thank you for all the brilliant calls
bought at 53k , sold at 70k , great call dude , you are the king !
great call!!! thanks!
whats the entry point for a buy back?
@sedai, Need to see if BTC breaks its 8500 first as that will give us an entry on MTL as we will see a nice dip. BTC looks weak at moment but we will wait, I want an entry also as chart looks good but will have to wait.
Can you do an ANT update? Thanks. Love your work.
Cash-is-King andyscraven
@andyscraven, ANT is getting knocked around with the BTC but if your in there I think you will be ok for the minute as there is some good buys coming in and looks quite strong.
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