MU inside day long opportunity

The whole stock market is in the rally mode again, inside bar is one of the most effective tool to take part in such market.

MU, as a cyclical stock most of the time, also made an all time high on Wednesday.
The other unbelievable low P/E stock GM also starts a rally, and I think if there are still continuation for this rally, a simple P/E correction to 10-12 times can create a huge rally for these names.

Of course, stocks won't suffer low P/E for no reasons; there are always skepticism for both MU and GM's business.
I'm not really that optimistic to say that they are going to make a REAL turnaround here, but a limited risk set-up to long to take part in the potential continuation is still a solid idea.
評論: opened below 39, this trade canceled!
評論: like BA , no trade but good idea~
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