NANOBTC: Small Name, Gargantuan Opportunity

Disclaimer: Sorry this analysis is not more Technical. This is based more upon the current situation with NANO and market sentiment.

I'm keeping this really simple and to the point - NANO has experienced relentless capitulation due to the BitGrail hack. Hacks are a scary thing and the selling isn't surprising. But this hack doesn't appear to be the result of an issue with the underlying NANO technology. I think this is important to emphasize.

I've done a good amount of research and NANO has some seriously promising tech. I like that it doesn't try to be the jack of all trades like some cryptos and solves 3 very real problems within the crypto realm: Scalability, Transaction fees, and Transaction times. This is a crypto with a future.

That being said, I believe a rebound is in short order. First real resistance is around .0009600. As I write this, we are hovering around .7800. You need to have guts to purchase these when they've been beaten to a pulp, but this is where time and time again I find my best trades being had. Good Luck to All!

Price prediction for March-April please
Cryptrarian umbertocaba
@umbertocaba, I can only estimate relative to BTC. I would say conservatively we'll be above .0009800 which is 20% from todays levels. But we could see much, much higher.
umbertocaba Cryptrarian
@Cryptrarian, time will tell. Thank you and good trading.
umbertocaba Cryptrarian
@Cryptrarian, even more hehe. Good trading buddy.
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