NAUT SYSTEMS, much potential?

POLONIEX:NAUTBTC   Nautiluscoin / Bitcoin
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SMALL BUYS PEOPLE PLEASE , dont go LARGE on this one POLONIEX:NAUTBTC to me seems that it could have great potential, In regards to Hedge Fund, Fund administration is a HUGE expense especially when looking at larger funds. This is the first crypto I think has a good potential of being able to help lower the costs on the $70 trillion equity market. Also it is being developed by a hedge fund and other funds and fund managers are supporting its development! With only a $5mil USD market cap , i believe there is much room to grow for NAUT.
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Apex Month to Month.

A Key Dev passed away with this coin, project halted. Not to say there wont be a pump and dump, but the increase wont be on merit.
are you sure about this coin?

dont think its safe to hold long for sure, not much dev going on
@majorlee, Yes I know, we just looking mainly at the concept and technical analysis. thats why it says buy really small if you want too by the chart.

but also you never know, they can still continue haha
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yep. what about infromation that project is halted and all premined coins sold on POLO?
longterm chart looks really good, but didnt the main developer die and project was abandoned? Thats why so big price decrese over time, but if they are working again up 10 ez :)
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@alk0holix, i know that.
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