NEBL - HODL from now

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
Very good coin to HODL for year 2018. First sell order set to end of 1Q of 2019
Potential 10 000% +
Do not doing daily trading guys. It´s NOT so profitable like HODL strategy !
Thx for the idea. But there's one big problem. No matter how much the rise is , if BTC falls, since NEBL and for that sake , most Alt coins are priced in BTC, I'm afraid, NEBL might not increase in value despite of market cap and great product.

Unless NEBL is priced in USDT , it's impossible to recoup the actual value while BTC keeps crashing

Can you clarify.
@kkandru, thank you for your respond. I have absolutely no concerns about Bitcoin's own growth. Dump of Bitcoin has been detailed planed since June 2017. Its price has been deliberately manipulated by big players. Banks missed the ship of crypto and they know it. Bitcoin's current downfall occurred just to allow huge players to buy a tons of cheap Bitcoins. And they would not buy it with the intention of destroying it, but within three years its price will be $ 100,000 for a piece. I have no idea what is the highest price for BTC, (if $100k or $250k or $1 mil.) I naively do not claim to be here forever, but $ 100,000 in three years will definitely be. Therefore, the prediction of growth for NEBL is relevant. Good luck
kkandru totalisimmo
Your thought is exactly inline with what I'm thinking.Since big corps missed the boat, its natural to spread regulation around it and create panic for selling , so big boys can jump the ship.

I hope it's the way it goes. BTW what do you think of NEBL value would be, as NEBL platform would be used for most of upcoming ICOs
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