Coin request: Will NEO moon?

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
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This is one of my personal favorite.
I have a long term investment in it so that alone says enough :)

BUT! It still has a ways to go if we want to see this baby moon. USD comparative we are at ATH . This could moon even more if we can break the resistance line on the BTC comparative.
This is something I have been watching closely for a while now and we are very close! In the coming hours (and maybe days) we will know if we will get rejected once more or if we can finally board NEO to the moon :) Only thing that is missing is the VOLUME and if that doesn't go up I believe a rejection is waiting for us.
This is not advice to buy NEO, the time for that was mid december when it was at its lowest. If you buy now it is at your own risks since there is a chance this will get rejected! So trade with caution!

Happy trading!
評論: We broke past the resistance and now I'm looking for it to find support on the previous resistance level and curve back up.
ohh baby bought this at 0060, been hodling for a while, this is my long term investment, hope we to the moon. NEO this year seems promising.
@rekso, Agree!
I sold some at 0077 and 0070 trying to day trade... Stupid move
Do you think I should buy again now?
@hamidikia.ali, I would wait for the price to show strength confirmation and that it has found a good support on previous resistance line.
If it breaks through it, next buy zone would be between 650K and 700K sats
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you said that NEO is one of your favourite coin...which other coin do you like? I agree your idea about Neo because is a very interesting project and it might be usefull than Eth
chrstphaubry ChristianIacobone
@ChristianIacobone, among favorites are BTC and ETH of course, OMG, NEBL, SUB, IOTA and XVG
letruongbx6 chrstphaubry
@chrstphaubry, you can update ETH.
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