our next trade is NXT, 3X opportunity?


Well our next coin is NXT, it was dumped after the airdrop and consolidating for last few days.

Having said that, support holds very well around 4500 levels, with stop loss of 3500

Entry now (4600) to the target of

and New ATH ( dnot know where it will stop)

Timeline : Dnot know. Buy and hold for a month and see the results.

For Beginners, Buy now and hold for a month and see the results.

For Advanced traders, You can play a swing trade like Book at 8000 and buy back around 6400 etc.,,

Post your questions, we can discuss.
評論: My dear friends, Hold or Buy. We are close to the momentum.
評論: I dnot see any scam from NXT team, Please let me know if you know any.
評論: This coin was pumped due to Ignis airdrop, after the airdrop, it was punished heavily to the bottom.

Well, this is the formula, Buy at low and sell at high. Nxt is at low buy and keep it. If you are in hurry please move to some other coin.

Remember, we have seen things in the past that many coins gave 3x-7x return in a month, nothing disappointed us so far except ETC :)
評論: Friends, I am holding this coin, it is up to you to hold. I am confident that, I am going to post that 4x in a month.
評論: Please dnot hesitate to add. We are at low, the accumulation is going on means sellers are selling heavily and buyers are managing to hold the price.

Once the accumulation is done, only buyers would be there, the price would fly.
評論: Price holds very well at 3000 support level. Time to add more.
評論: NXT news

Official token distribution event (Airdrop) scheduled to commence on March 1st, 2018
評論: thats good sign, volume is picking up. - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.

Any idea where NXT is headed now?
maheswar81 miroslav.patrikov
@miroslav.patrikov, I see volume decline. Unless there is a volume increase, only accumulation is going on. Sorry about that.
@maheswar81, seems volume is picking up.
Someone just sold NXT on poloniex for $1M in less then an hour. Hope it was not a last sale before delist the coin. I just bought NXT for full deposit. G - greediness.
maheswar81 mkostrikin
@mkostrikin, Delist? what is the info behind it.
mkostrikin maheswar81
@maheswar81, nothing actual. What you would do if you had a NXT for $1M and bad gossips ?
maheswar81 mkostrikin

I would have reduced my portfolio to 10%, 90% out of it. I would stick with my trading plan of invest 5-10% on one coin not more than that. Everyone likes the investments to grow but it can go another side.
I will hold it for a month see where it goes
thank you for the updates
what is going on nxt is died....
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