NXT Buy Opportunity

The market corrected the previous upward movement. The price dropped to possible reversal zone formed by 0.786 Fib level and SMA50. This zone can stop and reverse the market and it's good for buying. RSI is at the oversold zone and it confirms price reversal. DMI allows opening long trades. This signal could be supported by MACD , but it still confirms downward movement. If you need an additional confirmation for buying, you should wait for MACD histogram reversal. But it's possible to place buy orders based on the existing signals confirming price reversal. Entry level is 0.750000 with stop orders at 0.420000 level. Profit targets are 1.250000 and 2.000000 levels. The part of trade volume can be left for long run.
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Guys I bought NXT at 0.65$, after the HF. I am not sure shall I HODL or sell in loss? As I am not sure if the project will remain or considered as dead!
nghiavt KhaledIzmegna
@KhaledIzmegna, be patient with NXT, NXT's marketing is disaster
ashleybean883 , i agree with you ,unfortunately some traders don't do any research to know the purpose of the coin and what are the goals of the project behind it .

My simple advice ,if you want to trade in a solid coin ,you should now everything about it to place you orders with confidence.if the coin is corrected 75 % of it's price ...people are panic and saying the coin is going to die....No it's not .if the price was 0.20 cents and price hit 2.20 DOLLARS, it was doubled 11 times in 30 days and then corrected, and now still in 50s price range ....that's normal .

Time and price my friends ,time and price :).

Guys be patient and wait for the move ;) .
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bipbivn sky_x2018
@sky_x2018, NXT down to 0.4xx today, Any idea today?
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sky_x2018 bipbivn
@bipbivn, as i mentioned before , just be patient ,we are still in the squeeze price area,selling is almost done.
Sedro sky_x2018
@sky_x2018, Ok. How do you know this?
arvincash88 sky_x2018
@sky_x2018, this isnt about what their goals or about their project. what they do is lure people to buy NXT to cover up the whales who gonna bail out when the ship is sinking with the free IGNIS airdrop, IGNIS price has sky rocketed before 30 december, with the traders mindset hoping for a big gains seeing that chart they adding fuel to the current fire with posting IGNIS charts on their twitter and how IGNIS sky rocketed just in few days,etc. Now they know that bubble is gonna explode and the whales will sell like crazy, look at 25-27 dec the downtrend has started and people are getting fcked up bcs buying NXT in a downtrend. I never participate in this kind of airdrop but i decided to try and it become one of the most decision i regret now, they know NXT wont survive without new traders covering up for the big whales and THEM who bail out in the downtrend. 1st JAN instead of giving people their coins they destroy the IGNIS price with making it going so high so the price can go down, they play this cheap tricks where they hold their investors free IGNIS until the price go down, make the traders take the loss and they enjoy the big profits. Now i know why people calling this coin SCAM and DEAD coin its bcs they are bunch of SCAMMERS. There are only 3 exchange that trading IGNIS right now and all of them dont accept IGNIS deposits, why? i think you know the answer, and all that 3 exchange are all small exchange except HITbtc. Well played they just played their investors and make people lose trust on them, i dont think a legit team will play a cheap tricks like this. So yes its a healthy correction but who knows when it will go up again? tomorrow? next week? next year? 2 years from now?
NXTBTC - target 12500 sat/14 day
bipbivn MrAntiDot
@MrAntiDot,Why do you think that?
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