FX_IDC:NZDUSD   紐元 / 美元
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Hi Traders:

Similar like my GBPUSD sell trade up, NZDUSD here is presenting a nice bearish flag pattern, ready for break out. The daily chart is at a nice resistance area , we can begin to look for the sell opportunity.

Remember to wait for confirmation before the sell.

Thank you for your support and feedback.
評論: Here is the daily chart:

On 4H RSI is still overbought so after this selloff based on volatility due to GBP pairs, I believe the price will retest 72.200 and if RSI will be under 70 then we can go short. So tomorrow maybe we will see some selling opportunity during the US session.
jojofang0901 Rick_69ro
@Rick_69ro, Nice analysis, thank you for sharing. :)
Rick_69ro jojofang0901
@jojofang0901, Anytime, my pleasure. I only want to fine tune this good short setup I 've been following too. I even suspect the price needs to touch 72.370 - Target 1 on FIBO expansion levels - before really going down.
jojofang0901 Rick_69ro
@Rick_69ro, Sounds good, I am only entering the position if I see a nice breakout, otherwise no short for me.
Rick_69ro jojofang0901
@jojofang0901, Me too. By the way, watch USDZAR tomorrow after Moody's will announce a downgrade of the country.It is on the brink of a upside breakout anyway. Lately it was observed a strong wall to its efforts to go up and I suspect some big plays have been keeping the price down to accumulate longs USDZAR waiting for tomorrow's decision and then let it fly. See for yourself
aa2016 Rick_69ro
@Rick_69ro, Great call on USDZAR, looks like a gap open
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