FX:NZDUSD   紐元 / 美元
NZDUSD currently ranging around fibs level 23.6%, gaining support at 0.7400 area. A potential LONG can be executed with reasonable risk reward ratio.

Reason :
- 3 hourly chart, support at 0.7400 holding firm.
- Price rejection at fibs level 38.2% & my EMA21, leaving long tail below.
- Possible upside target to -27.2% fibs level @ 0.7480 area.
- Simple textbook price action in play.
- Reasonable risk reward to long.
- Potential to reach next resistance points :

Entry point Long : CMP or any pullback at 0.7420 area ; TP : 0.7480~85 (+60pips) ; SL below 50% fibs level

Risk Reward 1 : 1.9
Always remember to trade with stop-loss, market is crazy & cunning*
交易結束:達到停損點: TP hit in 12 hour time. Great call
交易結束:目標達成: TP hit in 12 hour time. Great call*
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