OMG actual move 08/10/ 2017

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
Ascending wedge (bearisch) transformed into ascending channel ( bullish )?
評論: OMG 72 % gains in 24 hours. This beast is out of scale, out of channel, out of expectations. Irracional exuberence is a mighty magic in the cryptoworld.
評論: 30 min chart - an ascending wedge is forming - if you are prepared for a high game, place your bets possibly somewhere in between the blue lines. Still we can probably fall from there in the upcoming weekend due to 100% gains in the 2 previous days.

So given this is now at 7.25, does that blow your ascending wedge theory out of the water. I'm not sure tech analysis is that relevant right now, with such low adoption, the FOMO factor doesn't figure in this chart. There are a lot of people holding ETH that are suddenly paying attention to this coin, and may just give it further pushes upwards. As to when the pullback will come, anyone's guess
AwesomeTrade heisginger
@heisginger, A bit late but see my other chart from 12.8.
AwesomeTrade heisginger
So given it's out of scale and channel, what's the value of paying attention to tech analysis? Anything to say from fibonacci levels?
AwesomeTrade heisginger
@heisginger, Haha, agree. The momentum of this move can take longer than u can wait for the pullback and than you die falling from the sky... Good luck, have fun and peace!
AwesomeTrade atompettyfan
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