fishing of fishes in troubled waters is dedicated

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
To fans of Alts and fishing of fishes in troubled waters is dedicated
There is such a coin omg. Thai start-up is half-bank-half-wallet.
Recently, the study of the movement of the price of OMG suggests that OMG is less volatile and sometimes ahead of the market (controversially!).
Now for 1 hour:
MACD - signal up
After consolidation from April 16, the breakdown of the old level, the return of the POC
 On the SMO indicator, bullish consolidation
On the indicator of open interest is bullish consolidation. Efforts of bears (large volume ) have not yet led to a fall. Bears kept the level. If bitcoin remains a little longer at the top or at least stops in the corridor and the price remains above $ 14 - there is a variant of the upward movement. Target1 = $ 18, Stop $ 13.
You can try a small part of the deposit to risk buying $ 14.1. Profit / los ratio 1: 3 minimum.
Personally, until I refrain - not a fan of extreme,but although the signal deserves attention.
All profits!
交易進行: OMG shows a slight increase against the wool, if the BTC brakes or bounces off the unbalance zone, OMG will fall off the brakes
交易進行: Pull the stops and look at the altcoyins, XVG gives you the opportunity to earn

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