BITTREX:OMGUSD   OmiseGO / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Let's look at OMG

Catalysts : wallet to be released (testing Q4 2017 / release Q1), and other goodies on the released roadmap v1

Fundamentals : most advanced eth project with a real life use, rock solid team, decent marketing, good communication, still very early phase

Chart analysis : after an impressive first bull run, retraced and double bottom at the same time at 61 fib on OMGUSD chart, 61fib on OMGETH and 78fib on OMGBTC chart. Pretty impressive. If this is the begining of wave 3 of the first grand cycle.... oh boy, brace yourselves. RSI reversed, downtrend is broken, volume is rising.

Risk reward is amazing. Market spoke, and it is watching OMG closely. Now dust settled, and business can start for real

Traders : wait for a bull move, a break of 8$, or enter directly now (7.9) with a 7.4$ stop loss. Targets : fib levels up to 0.236
Swingers : buy now, ls 6.4$, tp 10.8$, 12.7$, 24$
Investors : buy now, sl 5.5$, hold at least a year or 24$

We just entered a bull cycle, profit targets up to current ATH should happen in the next few weeks max

BTC view for reference
評論: Note : BTC has currently more chances of dropping than rising, be it a small correction, or a deep one is anyone's guess. I expect OMGUSD's drop to be lower than BTC's, meaning a rise in OMGBTC anyway. Still, trade accordingly :

- VS fiat
Traders check your stop loss to buy back later
Swingers and investors, add on a potential dip down to 6.2.

If the line breaks and is not rejected in the next days, swingers could close on the dead cat rebound if in a hurry (market not mature yet, accumulation phase starting for a while), investors will simply accumulate. Patient swingers or with a big trading account could wait the accumulation phase

- VS BTC :
Traders look for start profit taking starting 0.00135 for +30%

Another strong possibility : consolidation/accumulation for a while, up to the end of december. This trade rewards the patient
評論: Nothing has changed. Traders might switch elsewhere or be ready for a buy opportunity at 6.6$ levels, or wait for breakout, to not tie liquidity for too long

For swingers and investors, might consolidate until we resume the blue uptrend line. If no drop below 6.6$ and close, it is excellent news on the bullish front up to end of december
評論: Current uncertainty about BTC / BCH, tether drama, futures etc, makes a very favorable environment for altcoins with potential, at least in the short term, as we seen in the last few days

I expected OMG to consolidate for a while, but the bullish news yesterday about a working demo, exposure of the CEO in magazine as "top 10 best start up" might trigger a rally earlier than expected (note : this is not necessarely a good thing, makes the rally with weaker potential, since accumulation was short)

TA-wise, we are in presence of a a Wyckoff accumulation. Number of candles playing with upper resistance also makes a breakout very possible. Be on the lookout the next days. Return to support is possible

評論: Resistance breached. Testing the next one. Big one, the 0.38 retracement of the whole bull run. Basically the bullish confirmation.

Traders can take profit 15% or begin take profit to go on greener pastures with more %. Potential back to previous resistance possible for more accumulation. But considering the news and market, more profit can be expected
評論: Well... It did go back to previous resistance, as expected, but accumulation was short lived :) Instant rejection which means the resistance is now (still weak) support

Don't be fooled, though, all of that is still accumulation. OMG is still following btc only. So keeping with OMG, you made just as much money as holding btc. Bottom likely found on OMGBTC, and accumulation starting to get big. Expect 0.0015 by december 12th, more or less

評論: Hit "play" to see the return on the blue line. Market is not ready yet. Time expectation did not change, but beware. If the market is REALLY not ready, we might see a C wave very, very low. Watch for rebound strength. This is also why you take profits sometimes, to rejoin lower or invest in a cheaper project. Always new opportunities
交易結束:目標達成: All going well :)

Swingers got Target 1 at 10.8 exactly (to the cent) and could have bought back at the dip if wanted to, but don't worry, the move has not began for real yet.
評論: This is what i was talking about in last entry.
Bought back at 7.7$
評論: Took profit with the trading stack, bounce was weak, only 5% profit. Still money, and we are still sitting on a big pile from selling at 10.8$.
Lowered my newly added swing position by 15% to reduce total exposure and invest in a very very promising project (shared with my clients only for now). Will look to add more later
交易結束:目標達成: Once again, 40% profit, TP1 (10.8$) with swing trading stack once again for the 3rd time. This time in 5 days, which compounded is +143% profit in a month, plus some scrap pocket money 5%
Congratulations !
booked most of profits, left investor stack, rest of profits added as OMG into investor stack
評論: Swingers : buy now, ls 6.4$, tp 10.8$, 12.7$, 24$
Investors : buy now, sl 5.5$, hold at least a year or 24$

Hope you didn't get too greedy about the last 1$ short on the target. The reason is that such a surge would be too quick to be sustainable. Now you can buy back at 14$ (if you haven't already at 9$) what was sold at 23$ of the investor stack with a big bonus, even if I expect some kind of double bottoming or retest of uptrend line as btc either bullruns or dips again one last time
評論: +50% in profit, and it is only starting
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