OmiseGO - Long Opportunity - $29 - 39

BITTREX:OMGUSD   OmiseGO / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hey everyone! I want to share with you a long opportunity I identified in OmiseGO. As you can see in the chart, there´s an important bullish tendency, which is accompanied by a volume increment. This second factor is important ( volume ) since it always has to confirm the price tendency, which is exactly what we can see here, and therefore, we can say this is a strong market. If you want to trade this crypto, I recommend you to wait for MACD change of direction and bounce confirmation.


BUY STOP: 24.5
TakeProfit 1: 29
TakeProfit 2: 39

Remember numbers can vary depending on your risk profile and price expectations. The numbers I propose should be use as a reference :)

Are you interested in Technical Analysis?
I recommend you the John Murphy´s book: Technical Analysis of Financial Markets. It is a great introductory book.

Do you want me to analyze an specific coin?
I'm all ears, please contact me :)

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評論: Big drop in bitcoin price generated negative effects in several alts.
評論: Omise tendency line has been broken. Waiting for more market info.
Current chart is looking UGLY!!!! The STP pattern appears to have been broken BIGLY
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Thank you. do we sell for loss. or hold
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Hey @boomberg thanks for comment! That´s such a hard question. I would hold a little bit more seeking a price recovery to 21 dlls, however, if price drops again somewhere near the new tendency line, I recommend you to sell
boomberg Juanchobanano
@Juanchobanano, Thanks again.
mrburns75 boomberg
@boomberg, bullshit, this is the team with masterminds on board building plasma - a massive scalable platform and they have tons of partnerships - just look up MUFG Group as one example. Do you live on the moon?
mrburns75 mrburns75
@mrburns75, Vitalik Buterin left Fenbushi to work 100% on plasma - OMG network...
boomberg mrburns75
@mrburns75, didnt know that. thanks for the info.
Any updates on this trade ? Thanks a million
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nice chart.. good job.. would you also analyse viuly coin?
Hi Juan,

Thanks for your analysis, they are very accurate. Is it possible for you to do one for NEM/XEM?

Thank you.
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