OmiseGo (OMG) finally ready for next pump? Targets $27, $31, $41

BITTREX:OMGUSDT   OmiseGo / Tether
After my last analysis of OmiseGo (OMG) exactly happened like I've predicted it – even if there were some "lol" & "rofl" in the comments – I think OMG is now ready for the next move up.

Bulls holding up the price on the current level since hours.
On Bittrex there is (update: was) ONE BIG buy order of 50.000 OMG at $15.13.

Weak hands sold over the last hours to that price.
We just saw a similar situation on 15th/16th December before the price was going down a bit and then increased heavily.
Bulls will be happy about to get some cheap OMG before the next upwards movement. ;)

Half of the order is already sold while volume increased.
Update: while I wrote this, BTC price was going down what resulted in that the order is now completely sold as well.

Targets should be $27, $31 and $41.
With a heavy resistance at $20. But this wasn't a problem while the last pump as well.

So, my theory is failed if we can not break the resistance at $20 before 29th December.

This is not a technical analysis .
It's more that I've tried to understand the behavior of the current pump.
Let's hope that I am right and that we will see $30 before the end of the year. :)

My trade is already/still active.
Because I re-bought in again at around $10 I don't have a stop-loss for now.
I just let it flow.

Entry level is current price at around $15 or maybe up to $1 less if you think it will go down there.

Good luck!
Make your own analysis.
Trade on your own risk.
評論: RSI confirms price reversal.
MACD confirms reversal as well.
We are about to break MA200 resistance in 1hour chart.

What we need now is volume.
Because it's still a bit... uhm... crippled. :-D
手動結束交易: Seems like this pattern is failed.
If the support in $12.5 don't hold, we maybe we will be able to buy in again at $9-10 area.
評論: A bit late but target 1 reached.
The "lol" and "rofl" comments were because your analysis neglected to mention the GIANT BITCOIN CORRECTION that precipitated the OMG drop. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and imagining that your chart was ALSO predicting that Bitcoin would lose almost 50% of its value in 24 hours, I would still say that drawing charts that assume major market-wide events but don't bother mentioning them is silly.

Looking at this current chart of yours, you're effectively predicting that there will be no major BTC correction in the coming days/weeks (that would cause all alt-coins to drop). And you're also predicting that there won't be another insane parabolic BTC bull-run that pulls major $ out of all alts. I basically agree with you on these two assumptions. I just think it's useful to call it out macro crypto stuff -- otherwise it will seem like when you are right, you're getting lucky :)
What price do you think it will go down to?
NickSdot lostgray
@lostgray, it will go up. Targets as defined above. Be patient.
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