$PAY Tenx starting it next leg up?

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
A bit tricky to chart this rather new coin....not so many history for TA
Anyways: it looks to me that we're at the beginning of next leg up (5th). RSI indicates there is plenty room to the upside on all timeframes.
Price has broken out of the mid term donwtrend, made a correction and broke out again after touching the blue box which I placed there as a target for minimum correction.

Tradigadvice: enter here for target of at least 0,002.
SL below yellow trendline .
If i see changes in patterns, I will update on lower timeframe.
Aug 21
Aug 22
評論: Should hold the bottom trendline for looking up.
Aug 27
評論: Pattern changed slightly, currently restesting the trendline after break out.
Watch price action on lower timeframe for a bounce
if it breaks 9500 will have a chance but with low momentum there will be a lot of resistance
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