BITTREX:PIVXUSD   Pivx / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I've been holding and trading Pivx since the first day it came to Bittrex and the day candle Pivx produced yesterday was the biggest of its life, 4/5 the size of the entire chart - The last time i saw a day candle this big was on BTC after the BCash fork, these huge buy ins are done by wealthy players who can afford expensive analysts.... Pivx is a fork of Dash, the same Dev team as XVC and the first and only proof of stake coin to have zero coin anonymous protocol - A move into the big league looks imminent, I see at least a 10X increase in the next 6 months making PIvx one of the safest and most profitable longs out there
TK cross on the 1 day, about to enter the cloud
Bull Div on the 1Day
hidden bull div on the 1 hr
Nom_de_Guerre darknight1818
@darknight1818, NIce stuff thanks bro!
HUGE wick again
Nom_de_Guerre darknight1818
@darknight1818, Yes well spotted it was straight up and down again, that's someone reaching into the sells shoulder deep - i really think Pivx is going places, i'll link this with a trading chart
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