PPC (Peercoin) - Buy Opportunity (400%+ potential)

BITTREX:PPCBTC   Peercoin / Bitcoin
PPC (Peercoin), reminds me of the days of BTC-e, the now defunct Bitcoin exchange platform.

I use to trade this coin in the past, when I was a losing trader.
I know how it feels , first you panic buy, then panic sell. Over and over.
Once you have that part figured out, then you don't panic buy or sell but when the prices increase, you never sell right.
Until you have to figure out the next level and so on.

PPC is a strong coin, it was one of the first cryptocurrencies, it is paired almost identically, referring to chart action, to NameCoin ( NMC ), the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin . Where Satoshi Nakamoto himself assisted in the development.

Anyways, we just had a breakout. So let's trade.

- New uptrend has been formed.
- Many positive bullish signs.
- MACD , RSI and STOCH are pointing up hard like a baseball bat.
- And the momentum hasn't even started yet.
- Low volume (room for growth).

Let's start with a wide buy in range, because this is a great coin for LONG term hold.
This is a safe trade and recommended by me.

Buy in range: 0.00020-0.00026
Stop loss: 0.000183

(1) 0.000411
(2) 0.000742
(3) 0.001050
(4) 0.001680
(5) New ATH

Back in those days, when I was learning to trade.
I would take responsibility, for all my bad plays.
I knew it wasn't the trade, it was definitely not the coin.
I was conscious of my mistakes, but I could not overcome.

Experience didn't help, the more I trade the more I lost.
So I took a long time out, to figure out what was wrong.

As the months went by, and the situation didn't change.
I started asking myself, should I consider quitting this game?

But finally the answer came, and the solution present itself.
The problem wasn't trading, it was within myself.

So I focused on my personal growth, meditation and all.
And I came back in December, to become the biggest winner of all.

Thanks for your support.
Thanks for this trade.
Another opportunity has come.
Will you come, join me and play?

交易進行: Over 15% gain since launching this idea. Thanks for following.
評論: The daily chart (1 candle per day) for PPC is looking pretty good (the day just started 30 minutes ago).

Yesterday closed with a bullish candle, the stick is pretty small (#3) and today we have a count 4 that it is going to close positive... I am like 90% certain. And this is based exclusively on reading the candles.

Now, the indicators:
- The MACD is crossing over, I think it will just take 30 more minutes, when the 1h candle closes to cross over. Which gives us a bullish signal. Now to mention the clear S shape.
- The other two indicators are clearly bullish.

評論: Breakout within a breakout. Is like the inception (dream within a dream) of the cryptos...

評論: If the 25800 level doesn't hold, we are going down. If it does, it will become a great support line.

Our stop loss is still very far away: 0.000183.

評論: Support held nicely. Let's move on. We are in a great position here. We expect consolidation, and in due time, action. Action can go either way.
評論: Raise stop loss to 219.
交易進行: PPC is a strong buy now. Just broke away...

交易進行: Breakout happening!!!
評論: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the prices drops.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
評論: To me this is a LONG trade. Hey PPC, you can take as much as you like, as long as you reach the TOP.
評論: I am getting back on this trade. Going to update the charts.
評論: PPC Targets:

(1) 0.000411 *** Target Reached on 8-Jan-18 ***
(2) 0.000742 *** Next Target ***
(3) 0.001050
(4) 0.001680
(5) New ATH
評論: The weekly chart looks amazing.

- There is a huge curve and crossover on the MACD indicator.
- The RSI is also bullish, as well as the STOCH, DMI and OBV.
- The candlesticks looks great.
- Chart formation is also excellent.
- This is definitely an Amazing Long Term Trade.

Weekly chart:
評論: PPC is a strong coin, we are in good waters here.

We hold until our next run.
評論: I am closing this trade idea.
I will be opening a new one with updated entry points, targets and stop loss.

If you are holding this coin long, we are in profits and you can keep on holding. I will revisit soon.

Thanks for your continued support.
手動結束交易: I will be posting a new updated trade idea for Peercoin (PPC) tomorrow.
手動結束交易: New Peercoin (PPC) trade idea (click on the image below):


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Dear Alan,
Can you please make a review for KMD?
Thank you.
@csspdnet, I will take a look.
Im sorry for the noob question.... but where do you do your trading? im in mexico and i am using Bitso, but im only allowed to trade BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC.

i want to exprand and try other trades, but i dont know where would be a good plataform to do so. can you give me some pointers?
Stef_Gee AlanReta
@AlanReta, Here you can see 24h volume for the biggest exchanges, you can compare to make a better idea :
PeerCoin has woken up! Lets see what January will bring for PPC hodlers.
Thank you man, you are an amazing help to inexperienced traders like me..

I got in on PPC a while ago, because I liked the idea behind it. I am delighted to see it was smart for me to hold on to it and see what will happen.
Any updates on this coin? -5% within today while other ALT -15% - 20%. HOLD?
You are great Alan,it is good for us actually when you post two or three times to remind us..Keep on Man..
+1 回覆
Full update now available for you guys. Sorry for the wait. It is just that only those trades that I get direct messages on Telegram and Discord, I get to update. But if nobody reminds me, then it is hard because all the private messages here and comments are buried.

But you have your update now and this is a great trade.
+3 回覆
Frisovk alanmasters
@alanmasters, Hi Alan, I was wondering if you will also be trading on covesting? If so pm me the name I need to look for (most likely the same I presume).
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