No more fuel in the Qash engine?

620 5
And down we go ... we have some supports that should work well

評論: Qash barely managed to touch the support area however after that he was catapulted upwards and moved decisively without looking back.

Currently it is in a very important point because it will decide its continuation towards the target or its retreat towards the support area.

評論: As we anticipated Qash is having trouble crossing this part, which reinforces in me the idea that he is moving along with Eth.
All options are still open, supports and target still active.

評論: It seems to me that it is more than obvious that Qash is following Eth, so we can expect them to behave in the same way. I have no problem with letting this baby get settled.
i am just thinking buy some and cannot gather what to do? speculations are saying that this could be a winner in few months time? are you agreeing this?
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normstock scorpion1453
@scorpion1453, My friend, thank you for writing.

Of course I can not tell you what to do.
However what I can do is recommend that you check Quoine and all the projects they have planned. It is a serious company, well established and certified.

I believe in them, I follow their updates in FB and use Quoinex (only in pairs with JPY)

Confirm this information and you can certainly will make a decision.

Something very important that you must take into account is that in the words of the same Quoine co-founder, he is not interested in having a "pump and dump" coin, he wants to have something stable that is used in the "real" world.
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scorpion1453 normstock
@normstock, thats what i am talking man... thanks...exact to the point....
Could you elaborate more on how you setup this structure, interested to learn. Thx
normstock roelvyvey
@roelvyvey, Of course it's super easy, it's just a Gann fan at 45 degrees and I use ichimoku as a reference for support areas. There is not much science here bro ... on youtube there is a user called "chaostrader" is pretty good at explaining ichimoku.

If you are building your strategy, I recommend that you learn as much as you can and then reduce what works best for you, also a very important thing is to work on the psychological side.

I love trading and I love charts ... I wish you lots success.. have a good night/day.
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