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Since 2006 Quarterhill grew its patent portfolio from 20 patents to approximately 11,000. More than 355 companies have licensed technologies from Quarterhill and its subsidiaries including Nokia , HP , Sony , among many other high-profile names. Over the past 14 months the company entered into licensing agreements with more than 30 companies.
Quarterhill holds patents relating to wireless access and digital TV and display technologies. The company generates license revenue from companies that sell smart phones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers among others. Current patent portfolios include patents relating to 3-D technologies, LED technologies, flash memory technologies, semiconductor manufacturing technologies, as well as technologies used in medical, industrial, and automotive applications. The company has also acquired patent portfolios covering motion sensing technologies, electrophotography technologies, and technologies used in semiconductor manufacturing. The CEO stated "We have a lot going for us. We have a large number of quality portfolios and a large number of opportunities in the pipeline. We can see that we should have the patent power to continue to grow revenues".
交易進行: lots of things to patent:
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