BITTREX:QTUMBTC   Qtum / Bitcoin
Qtum coming to end of a huge decending wedge .

Bithum and Bitfinex support means a lot of money could come rushing into this coin if it starts to make a move.

The development team is passionate and active.

Open long here and wait for it to rise.
That is the largest falling wedge I have ever seen. Usually falling wedges are common on the shorter timeframes but this is the daily chart. Been waiting on Qtum to wake up forever. Might have to wait a few more days but we could be nearing the timezone.
@nginx, good luck brother. I have opened a long here. May have to wait until November 20th or so. But we will see.
nginx rjmacarthy
@rjmacarthy, Same here, I think after the BTC fork on Nov 17, we are going to see some drastic price action. B2X futures are going for $1100. That money has to come from somewhere and I hope it's not the alts because they have already bled enough.
@nginx, Indeed. BTC crushing alts at the moment, but the season will come back. Perhaps this is the best time to load, perhaps not. Each time I long an alt it appears to dip even more. Maybe wise not to buy until after 17-18th of November fork and see what happens. The alt season last time was flourishing with BTC so, lets hope another alt season is on the horizon. Good luck!
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