Qwark in decisive period

BITTREX:QWARKBTC   Qwark / Bitcoin
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I'm speaking directly to the whale planning the next pump since chart analysis is telling it will be before end of 2017
I understand bitcoins rally is postponing your first big order.

You have reached 15K for bitcoin . We both now it will drop back to at least 10K since futures will be implemented starting from 10th of December.
if you wait until the 9th , you will already have lost between 10-25% before the big bitcoin dumps.

So pump and dump qwark now before the 9th . put your profits in Dash/usd( one of the few coins not affected by btc and which is bullish now)
Wait for bitcoin to reach 15K again and start all over.


Your fellow whale
I think if a whale knew it would drop to 10k, which it has, they would hold off on the pump and accumulate more at 10k before pumping. Also, if they are US-based, they should wait and pump sometime after 12:00am Jan 1st in order to pay their capital gains taxes in April '19 instead of April '18, giving another year to invest that $ before taxes are due. It may be similar for other countries, of course...

I mean, if you were going to make $50k, would you want to pay that $12.5k in taxes after 4 months, or keep all profits for a full year + 4 months in order to invest and double/triple it before you pay your dues? I know what I would do. :-)
ClevelandJN ClevelandJN
@ClevelandJN, P.S. I am not the whale, just a chunky goldfish.
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