REQBTC 20% + 57% + 83% + 138% +

BINANCE:REQBTC   Request Network / Bitcoin
REQBTC 20% + 57% + 83% + 138% +
Hello everybody!
Another asset is preparing for the ascent. Everything speaks in favor of growth. Confuses only overbought on RSI . As soon as we manage to get rid of it, we must go up.
The first goal is at the level of 2900 Satoshi. If we manage to gain a foothold above it, we can talk about the way forward.

Capital management, the use of stop loss, trading plan and profit-taking are those mandatory things without which even the most accurate idea can leave YOU with empty pockets.

Think about this before you enter into a deal.
Good luck.
交易進行: Congratulations!
We took the first goal!
20% profit!
Go ahead!
交易進行: We are at an important level that needs to be overcome and strengthened above before the flight starts.
If you do not consolidate the first time, then it will be possible to re-descend to the support line.
Good luck and good trading!
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