REQBTC (40% profit potential)

BINANCE:REQBTC   Request Network / Bitcoin
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This is a relatively new coin recently listed on Binance

It has been steadily in channel since December'7 2017.

The interesting feature of the channel that fluctuation range is between 30-40%.

Is a good opportunity for a steady profit? Maybe.

The volume change is the last hour is > 40% (good sign for a trade)
評論: huge break out!
交易進行: REQ has been extremely bullish in the last few days, I see that RSI in overbought zone and I am expecting a fib retracement some time soon where we can re-buy.
If the coin will continue bullish trend, we may expect Elliot wave pattern formation indicating where we book profits and re-buy.

評論: If somebody missed the boat, we can always wait for retracement!
手動結束交易: See my updated idea on that coin
@MaximBar thanks for your analysis. I've been looking for a chance to buy this coin to hold it long-term, do you think there will be better chances? It's been going up steadily, do you think its gonna correct some time soon ?
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MaximBar MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, thank you for your kind words! It is very hard to predict, since the is very recent on the market.
MuMPiTz MaximBar
@MaximBar, I understand that you cant predict the future but what would you do if you wantd to buy th coin and hold long-term, just get it as soon as possible or wait a bit? just to know what you would be doing would be helpful, I wouldnt care if it turned out to be "wrong" I'm going by chance and since I'm a newbie I would rather do what more experienced people would do :)
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MaximBar MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, positive signs would be if the coin continues developing withing the channel or breaks above; and negative sign - if the coin value breaks the channel and follow the downward trend.
MuMPiTz MaximBar
@MaximBar, okay, thx
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@MuMPiTz, i think its a good choice.. HODL
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@MuMPiTz, Speaking based on fundamentals, this coin has a very strong team and real world use case.

Check QSP too.
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its the first analisis of this coin... i was waiting for someone :D
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MaximBar floriannmartinez
@floriannmartinez, thank you!
Honestly, this coin fell under my attention while i was screening large volume trades in the past few hours.
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