$SALT.X #cryptocurrency #SALTBTC perfect entry here

BITTREX:SALTBTC   Salt / Bitcoin
for a number of reasons. It recently broke out above its long-term consolidation and is now testing the original breakout. Demand/supply lines are quite obvious as shown. The chart looks in and of itself is great for continuation.

Since there's not much overhead resistance, what is the target? Currently, it's about 0.002 BTC             ($27), which is the cost of SALT if purchasing from their platform. The token is currently used for purchasing membership to their loaning service (use BTC             and, soon, ETH for collateral for a fiat loan) *and* can be used for paying for that loan - which, if you run the numbers, provides a profitable arbitrage opportunity if you are verified for their loan service (see https://medium.com/@michaelstrutton/lending-arbitrage-with-a-grain-of-salt-9bd8335b18c0, not my own work but something I found that is valuable as a trader). OK, well, the current system and cost for SALT is not sustainable long-term, since they're effectively losing $27.50 - (cost of SALT open market) for every SALT used to pay for the loan; effectively valuing their token at a set price, which the market currently disagrees on.

In light of this, I eventually see a cut in the cost of SALT through their platform or not allowing loans to be paid using SALT at all. Their is currently some ambiguity over whether or not they're allowing 25% vs. 100% of the loan to be paid in SALT, but that is something you should verify yourself. In the event of either, the SALT valuation is then tied to their cost of membership - Base/Premier/Enterprise, costing 1/10/100 SALT, respectively. I think the service they provide will become very valuable for long-term holders of BTC             , ETH, and others. So, the long-term value proposition is also good here. Overall, a considerable amount to like for ~$10-11 currently. If you'd like to check out SALT yourself and plan on registering, I would appreciate your usage of the following referral link (which gives both me and the registering user extra memberships to the platform): https://membership.saltlending.com/?r=lSHdI

You can trade SALT on Binance, a growing platform you should try if not yet already registered. Using their token, BNB, lowers trade fees to 0.05% for some markets. If interested in registering, I would appreciate if you use my referral link: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10276631. It helps me a little and your fees are the same!
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