Siacoin, I still believe!

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
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I was hoping Sia was going to break out sooner, but I think like a lot of coins we need BTC to finish correcting. Right now, Poloniex also needs to stop F-ing around and fix the wallet.

Right now on Bittrex is showing a nice wedge . Look for a possible bounce around 332. I am hoping that this leads to a break out of the wedge . One thing that may really cause a nice surge will be if Sia gets listed on Binance.

Not advice, just an idea.
評論: The suspense is freaking killing me. Starting to look really nice now even though we succumbed a little to the broader market move. I think the Bitmain news and debate of the fork put a little pause on the bull as well.

Volume is picking up, MACD is on the up from 4HR down to 30min.

Please baby crypto jesus, make it so!
@hello-electro do you have information when sia get listed on binance? cause some said that it will listed on binance but don't know it's true or not
hello-electro parisian788
@parisian788, unfortunately no. There is a topic on their reddit page where they note they are about to enter non-disclosure with Binance and that they will not be able to comment further, so it's clear they are speaking with them. But I would venture to say anything you hear about a date that isn't coming form Sia team themselves or Binance is pure speculation or rumor.
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