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why u need PRO, PRO+ or premium plans for your tradingview account?

If you are active trader and analyst, maybe its time to upgrade your tradingview to pro, pro+ or premium, coz there are tons of advantage that make your trading day more success.
From my experience, big different is :

1. No ads.
If you are free user, ads will distract your concentration to draw/analyze any chart. With pro, pro+ or premium, no more ads in our chart.

2. Twice as much data on charts.
Tecnical analysis read and collect history data to analyze next price action. With upgraded plans, you will get twice historical data, and this is help you to see more big frame on any pairs/stocks or coin to analyze.

3. devices at the same time.
If you use multi devices (laptop/PC/MAC/android/hololens), with pro+ you can open 2 devices at same time and with premium plans you can open 5 devices at same time.

4. Indicator per chart
You use many indicator and combine to get more accurate analysis. With pro plans you can use 5 indicator, pro+ 10, and premium 25 indicator at 1 chart.

5. Indicator templates
With upgraded plans (pro, pro+ and premium), you can save unlimited modified indicator

6. fastest data flow
with upgraded plan, your chart price movement update in realtime

7. saved chart layouts
if you already draw your chart and get perfect analysis, you need to save it. With pro plans you can save 5 chart, pro+ 10 chart, and for premium, you can save unlimited chart. Thats why i can monitoring many coin at same times, coz all coin technical analysis already save in my premium plans.

There is many more advantage as upgraded plans user, but in my experience as premium user, tradingview help me much to analyze and make more accurate technical analysis .
what are u wating for? we have blackfriday event now ^_^
Cryptocurrencies signal provider : http://www.goprofitmax.com/
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Hi Dian upgraded to pro...
Hi Dian, I made a donation to goprofitmax.com and I'm still waiting for a reply. Thanks!
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bytok redpilledbycrypto
@redpilledbycrypto, did you get it by now ?
Algos working too?
I subscribe to pro, but only monthly. I'm not committing to more than that until they add Binance.
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I want to and will upgrade when payment can be made in crypto currency!
oldskoolz PRO luni-solar
@luni-solar, well its 60% off, how about using the credit card? And yea i know, dont got it either but im thinking about that :)
andrewh03 PRO luni-solar
@luni-solar, you can pay in Bitcoin
and btw wtf is siacoin ? :)
why i want pro, at least is for saving your charts layouts, at reg account you can save only 2, 5 is enough for me for now i think, got my eye on few coins for now so....
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