Sia Coin will see out $ 1.20 soon

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Sia Coin will see out $ 1.20 soon
this baby will go to $ 1.20 till 20 march 2018
Povar51 salahuddin2004
@salahuddin2004, with this cap? Okay
TraiDopAnh Povar51
@Povar51, look at ripple
mattsie salahuddin2004
@salahuddin2004, No. But within 2 years, quite likely based on the fact that they have an actual product. The product just needs some modifications on the ease of use.
when do you think this baby will rip to at least .20 ? With the hard fork coming out the 21st and all.
mattsie JonathanJuliao
@JonathanJuliao, Nobody knows. But as a solid project I do not know why haven't it reached it. I would say around April '18 we will know more but when they actually do the file sharing part. This coin will reach $1+ mark very easily.

Some of the apps being built with the use of SIA, should be enough of a source. Also DYOR. No easy money if you think it will skyrocket by the end of the month. I do think it is very undervalued tho.

This year we’ve seen a large influx of Sia core contributors, as well as projects being built on top of Sia.

To name a few:

Luxor: a company that builds Sia-centric apps and services. They’ve already rebuilt our Explorer and launched mining pools for Sia and Decred, and they will be working on Sia-UI and other apps in 2018.
Minebox: a company that is building a Sia-connected network attached storage (NAS) device. They were recently acquired by ClearCenter.
PixelDrain: a file sharing website powered by Sia.
Obelisk: our subsidiary, building ASIC mining hardware for Siacoin and Decred.
SiaBerry: an OS for using Sia on Raspberry Pi.
SiaDrive: software that allows you to mount Sia as a drive on your desktop (to enable drag-and-drop similar to Dropbox).
SiaHub and SiaStats: network stats, charts, and metrics.
All these projects are listed on the downloads page on the Sia website.

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