BITTREX:SHIFTUSD   Shift / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I truly believe in BITTREX:SHIFTBTC for the 2018 year

for a nice swing trade follow the wave pattern drawn

crypto is weird so it wont follow it eactly

but that box you see is an exact measure and calculation of where price will be around that date

rsi is at support as you can see

and emas are starting to form a bullish formation

feel free to tip anything is plenty and is not required.

Over $11 on - Bitrrex is killing us with is internal issues with Azure past few days. Wallet is down again for maint on Bittrex.
otarkpb sbodi
@sbodi, so the wallet being down makes ppl sell huh
had a feeling

months ago i actually thought this was the debit card coin lol
sbodi otarkpb
@otarkpb, haha Shift debit card :P Unfortunately can't sell / buy at all. Automated Maintenance. I dunno how that affects bots on scripts but people can't do anything.
Looks like people are moving to to get ahold of it.
New exchanges coming soon soo issues like this won't happen thank God.

+20% BTC price trades almost 70k SAT
SHIFT/USD market = 11.50
Shift / Eth market = rising
It def. has great things once people fully understand what this coin does. Especially new comers into crypto.

Lisk + sums it up easily.
otarkpb sbodi
@sbodi, agreed
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