Silver retest continued (by Got Goldies)

TVC:SILVER   白銀差價合約(美元/盎司)
80 6
You can see how my charting develops in sort of real time. Its around 2 weeks. Or 02-17.

$17.21 is my target.

You can also follow my charting at Anatomy of Silver forum.
手動結束交易: Short on Silver didn't pan out. I had a little profit on the downside, , then gone in a blink.
It's a pretty clear breakout
My long term chart called this drop from $17.80's to $17.50.

One thing that is extremely hard to do is call on an on the fly drop for Silver.. I called one for Gold and it hit. I was not able to cover Silver for any profit today because they took it all before NY opened. I was saying wow look at all that support under Silver... just like my long term Silver chart==short term flip chart. :)
I think the neckline is already tested and we are already going up... In my opinion the silvertrain has already left sometime ago... see my charts...
luckylegs10 Peter101
@Peter101, no channel breakout back test? Its really about the shoulder on the left marked in red.
Peter101 luckylegs10
@luckylegs10, The beautiful thing about TA is: I could be wrong, you could be wrong, but one thing we have in common... We both think the price will go up...
So, in my opinion, it is a matter of waiting to find out who is right. This is the way TA should be approached... You have an opinion and so do I. By sharing this information/opinion/experience we both will benefit...and therefore becoming better in what we do...
luckylegs10 Peter101
@Peter101, Earlier I posted my long Silver chart.. This was only my Short Silver chart..

I ended up with no profit left on my short when NY opened.. was too slow to react.. I hesitated. I was after a 3K flip.. but it didn't pan out. Was worth a try while Gold was getting sacked.
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