SPX500 Short Trade Setup

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
Hello traders.

This is a very complex chart to explain by typing. Please watch today's analysis video on Youtube.

SPX500 can keep going up and break the previous top but in the meantime, it can come down and break the previous bottom. I believe both options have the equal chance but the potential of the down move much bigger. So, I want to sell this one. In the up move, we have divergence in 4H, 1H, and 15m. So, any new top can be the last one. That's why if I see a reversal impulse and correction I will place an entry order below the impulse. If it keeps going up and breaks the previous top, I will repeat the same process.

For more details and daily updates please watch my daily analysis videos on Youtube.
This H4 correction is starting to look like the previous one..
Possible one more up move before fall?
WaveAnalysis ondrej.holubek
@ondrej.holubek, If it makes a more complex corrective structure, lots of different scenarios can be possible including this one.
Thanks for the great post. Yesterdays move was very strong. Do you think a reversal will happen today or keep going up? Thanks in advance
@BAB75, I can't say it will move today but my expectation is still down. I hope It will break the previous top at 2802 first before it falls.
BAB75 WaveAnalysis
@WaveAnalysis, i have seen many traders feel 2780 is the key resitance... so do u think that is not correct given you are hoping for 2802 first before the down trend?
@BAB75, Support and resistance aren't part of my analysis method. So, I can't say anything about it.
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