Nothing Is At Resistance

Hi guys. As a new trader I meekly think maybe all those books and systems are outdated. All those youtube video experts are confused. Maybe it's a new world now. Have a nice weekend.
This time it's different - 4 most dangerous words in investing. Watch and learn ;)
This phase is called the "New Paradigm" phase:

Here is an image of this phase in the market cycle
@ChartArt, As a new trader I think there could be a little more subtlety in this picture. I must be really confused lately. Sorry.
ChartArt ChartArt
If we are very lucky, we are only already in the "Delusion" phase.

A classic sign of "Delusion" and finally "New Paradigm" is exactly what you mentioned: Old rules seem to be outdated and they seem to never work again in the future as euphoria grows and accelerates.
@ChartArt, I humbly think that this current development could actually be the Great Shift in many different ways. We're conditioned by the negativity of the sources that make money on negativity (the only way to make it for them).
@ChartArt, and Mr. Taleb did not write about a White Swan. Mr. Taleb loves money (nothing bad about that either).
@ChartArt, So as a new trader I think that maybe the Black Swan could actually be the White Swan (of the same magnitude) and Mr. Taleb is laughing at us all the way to his favorite vacation place.
IllusionsCatcher IllusionsCatcher
@IllusionsCatcher, lol (nothing wrong with that either)
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