Cyclical Buyingwave ahead?

This is a nice bullish Chart. Last week wee have seen a breakout attempt. The breakoutmove was ~ 10%, but the retest ot the BO-Niveau wasn`t bought again..that`s weak. So in consequence the stack fell back below 22€.
At present we are trading near the uptrendline which is based near the 61,8- the max fibo. Will htat Level be bought, i exspect a cyclical buying wave upt to 22/24/26€ Trading below 19,9 means aiming 18€ (trendbreak).
The RSI has place to fall further, so a further downwave should be exspected before the trend can be played again.
評論: wow -faster than a speedy bullet! kissed the Pivot resist
評論: will we totay take the 22,4-hurdle? here i exspect a direct buyingwave up to 24
評論: the resists seems to be too strong.... the downwave was also very fast!!! The rsi is signalizing further down potential