STEEM - Already to pump

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Now STEEM in triangle, and when he break out, u can see he fly to moon. Target min 90.000 - 150.000. Bid or queu up for buy. Good luck!


What do you think about that broke of the trending line at top and then it broke it back but downwards? Is it changes anything?
hi how r u kindly inform me how much expected time to steem hit this target ????????
Some dude on YouTube is trying to "pump" Steem to $10. That would, if my math is correct, put it at a 10x multiple.

Though he really has no reasoning, other than the fact that he's an over-caffeinated YouTuber with a lot of followers, and he uses Steem himself.
Tomilola davevandewalle
@davevandewalle, who is the guy?
@Tomilola, Jerry Banfield is his name
DavidAyuso TheCharlieEffect
@TheCharlieEffect, yeah i know hem .. he have alot of subs and he is winning alot of money on steem
Tell me please in which coin shuld I invest now to get good returns in one week?
Know you making it hard for me. LTC or Steem :D?
tungbitcoin effective16
@effective16, ^^, long time or short time bro? if u want to x3 - x5 your acc, buy and keep some Steem
effective16 tungbitcoin
@tungbitcoin, Thx for the reply. Will get some profit on Steem and then pump it to LTC. The Question is when LTC will start rocketing.
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