I am going to bag some are you?

BINANCE:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Start such a popular coin and just found a nice bounce off a bottom it had found late November early December.

Despite the BTC falling STRAT has hit this level and seen aggressive buys as we have each time in the past. It was from the price it took off at start of December resulting in a 300%+ profit.

Market conditions aren't as they were prior at this period though so I am not suggesting the same, however many people are looking for a coin they can buy and Hold long or HODL as some say. STRAT is certainly a decent coin for this I know many people have messaged and bought it at Xmas time for a long hold and are quite unhappy with the results.... well now is the time to be buying most of your coins for long holds as a lot of coins are starting to get nice bounces.

This coin is in a good buying range and we hold it long but not long enough where its losing money back to our entry so I have put targets on the chart to assist..... we can pick up a nice return from this coin..... with BTC movements though don't be surprised if we return back to the red line for another bounce, Its not that likely as its currently picking up some decent buys but it can happen. Long hold we don't mind though.

You will see circled in purple the bounce zone for STRAT.

I hold very few coins long I like to trade but I like a couple of coins that I can buy and hold and today I've decided STRAT will be one of those.

Cash Is King!

評論: Strat is a trade that will develop over time its not a fast mover but chart tells us we will continue up.

Entry price of strat now is good and can make extremely good profit off this trade, we are only just above its support where it has bounced from in the past numerous times and every time we have bounced here we get the same result! Loads of cash loads of profit.
評論: Chart here still looks great remember this is a longer timeframe trade then normal. Even though I do expect some action very soon
評論: Seeing strong steady growth here and this is a good coin to have a bag of as we are already in nice profit and there is plenty more to come
評論: Target 3 has been hit and on the way to number 4
評論: Target 4 reached and on way to target 5
評論: Target 5 reached on way to target 6.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Hi....any idea about verge coin?
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Thanks CiK!
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